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Body language is one of the most effective forms of communication. Though it may not be commonly thought of in this manner, the message that can be interpreted from various body language is more than one may think.Not only does it have an integral role in our daily lives, but also in the work force. This can also play a tremendous role in helping to boost a career and carry one to success. The following body language tips are known to help in boosting one’s career.

Standing tall and having good posture radiates confidence to those who are around. Taking up space, and standing up tall with shoulders back helps to make use of the height around the person. This is just one way to assist in looking more powerful and allows fellow peers to perceive that it is your territory.

Even introverts need to understand the importance of maintaining positive eye contact. While it may be perceived as rude in other countries, or even disrespectful, in the United States, it is a sign of confidence and being actively engaged. Directing eye contact towards fellow colleagues demonstrates attentiveness, and displays interest in what they are communicating. It is highly advised that when first meeting a fellow colleague to look into their eyes at least long enough to determine their eye color.

It’s true when people say that smiling is contagious. Studies have shown that facial expressions such as smiling register feelings and emotions within us. Smiling allows fellow colleagues to feel more at ease and lets them know that you are approachable and trustworthy. Not only does smiling stimulate positive feelings for ones own self, but it helps to spread positivity throughout the entire work environment.

Touch is perhaps the most important of all nonverbal cues that help to communicate with one another. This is why handshakes play such a critical role out of all forms of body language. Though it may sound silly, perfecting the right type of handshake can help a person earn instant credibility in the workforce. It is given that a handshake should not be too limp, or latching on with a death grip. The perfect handshake is firm and should be given front-facing.