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What makes a good company culture? Should you copy Google by offering free food to employees? There are many facets of a great company to work for. Here are some of them.


Plenty of Job Applications from Top Talent

Good news travels far. Most employment markets are very competitive and some companies might struggle to get applicants. Some might even hire employment agencies.  If your company gets plenty of applications, it’s likely because your company has a good reputation. Current and past employees talk about your culture. Word-of-mouth marketing is the best.


Excellence in Everything

Employees in a good work environment will try to do their best. They will not put out a mediocre product or offer bad service to a customer. Excellence is a calling.  Sometimes, this might be hard to do. But because the environment calls for it, employees will provide excellence.


Company Values Stated

Employees and management should know what your company stands for. Is it fast-moving or conservative? What do the owners want? Values and goals are very important for a company because they affect everything.


Low turnover

Staff will know it if they have it good and will be less likely to leave if your culture is good. This can save you money in the long run because you won’t have to spend on hiring and training costs.


Constructive conflict resolution

Conflicts are inevitable and can take their toll on morale. A good company has ways to resolve them. Whether it’s the staff that is understanding and supportive or a well-run HR department, conflicts will not escalate and end quickly.


Minimal office politics

Everyone hates office politics. Whether it’s backbiting or gossip, it can take its toll. Staff in good office environments will discourage it.


Investment in training

A good work environment will have plenty of crosstraining. That way, if someone leaves it won’t be a big issue.  If you can, offer classes to new hires to get them up to speed. You can also offer tuition reimbursement for local colleges.


Solid financial performance

A company with a good culture runs like a well-oiled machine. It will likely result in excellent financial performance.