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We all like to put our best foot forward in our careers. Oftentimes, we put on our professional personas when we get to work and hide other aspects of our personalities. While it is good to be professional in the workplace, we also need to make sure we are our most authentic selves with our coworkers and customers. There are various reasons as to why you should be your most genuine self in your career.

Builds Longer Relationships

Most individuals have had friendships in which they cannot be their most authentic selves with the other person. In most cases, these relationships have not lasted very long because either one or both individuals felt they could not be themselves. 

In your career, you will have the option to be authentic and let your personality shine through or to hide your true self. Oftentimes, customers and coworkers can see when you are not genuine. If you are putting on a fake persona, it will not build trust with customers and clients. However, if you are truthful in your intentions with them and ensure you are genuine, it will inspire them to work with you longer and trust you with whatever services you are providing them.

Results in a Career You Are Passionate About

In addition to building long-lasting relationships, being authentic in the workplace and as you interview for jobs gives you a better chance of landing a position at a company you will thrive in. Companies often strive to hire applicants who fit their brand values and company culture well. If you are putting on a facade, you may find yourself getting hired for an organization you are not entirely cut out for. This might lead to you not enjoying your time in the workplace or finding coworkers you can create meaningful relationships with.

However, if you are intentional about presenting your true self and dearest values in the workplace, you will find yourself drawn to companies that uphold these same principles. Being your most authentic self in the workplace is the key to thriving in your career and genuinely enjoying each day on the job.

Makes You a Better Leader

Being authentic in your career not only means allowing your true personality to come forth, but it also means you must be able to own up to your mistakes, lean on coworkers for support and create a workplace culture. If you are in a leadership role, it is even more critical that you are genuine and honest. Your coworkers will trust you more and feel comfortable coming to you with questions or suggestions. When you are authentic, you will inspire your team to be the same, which will improve both employee and customer relations.