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Tom Gehrmann



About Tom


Tom Gehrmann is an independent business consultant based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He has a long history of leading businesses to success through his forward thinking attitude and financial acumen. Tom has a passion for helping businesses achieve more financial freedom and reach their objectives. His background includes a wide array of industries, all of which Tom has found success in. He first began his pursuit of business consulting in his college years at Villanova. After graduating in 1995 with a degree in business and political science, Tom went on to pursue a doctorate in the chiropractic industry. Using his combined knowledge of business and chiropractic, he opened his own clinic and operated its functions from 2001-2014. He found great success in this field but wanted to pursue his passion for business consulting full-time, which led him to sell the practice to partners. During his time as the clinic director, he grew it into the largest chiropractic clinic in all of Colorado. 

After selling the clinic, Tom Gehrmann was able to dedicate more of his time to business consulting and financial advisement. He quickly networked with many individuals and was given speaking opportunities at a variety of events. To this day, Tom still spends a great deal of time networking to create new opportunities for himself and his clients. When asked about his services, Tom boasts, “The product I have always sold is ME.” He realizes the importance of sharpening his own character and skills and giving his full attention to individuals. Truthfully, Tom is one of the most genuine business consultants you may ever come across. 



In his business dealings, Tom Gehrmann strives to provide stellar financial plans so companies and individuals will have ongoing direction tailored to their specific goals. Tom does not bail out once he’s first met with you. Instead, he sticks along for the ride and truly desires for his clients to be successful in the long-run. Tom is extremely satisfied with his chosen career path and feels greatly rewarded each time he guides businesses towards their purpose. He has been recognized for his expertise in working with small businesses, wealth management and his commitment to stellar customer service. When you put your company in Tom’s hands, you will never feel alone or taken advantage of. You can rest assured that he will assist you in any way you ask and will have a genuine care for your corporation. 

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